Jamia Faridia Sahiwal is an Islamic Institute in Sahiwal Pakistan. This Institute started its educational career in 1963. Mufassir e Quran Hazrat Allama Peer Abul Nasar Manzoor Ahmdad Shah Sahib is the Founder and the Principal of this Religious Institute. It imparts in Islamic Education e.g. Dars-e-Nizami, Hifz ul Quran, Tajveed, Fazil Arabic, Mufti Course as well as Computer Courses and Matric, F.A, B.A and M.A. It has an emblematic system of education. Moreover, it gives the opportunities to its students to deponent their activities like Tilawat , Naat , Debate and in play ground. Until now more than 13193 students have been completed their education. And they are serving their religious services in the whole world. In present, almost 1900 students (male and female) are studying in Jamia Faridia Sahiwal. It provides them accommodation, mess and medical facilities quite free of charge.

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